I saw it in the movies

Episode #5 “I saw it in the movies”


Movies are a way for us to step away from reality, and escape into a world of suspended disbelief. Victoria and Graig take a look at some movies, their faults, their influences, and when directors and producers take “artistic license” a bit too far. Graig puts one of his favorite movies on blast, and Victoria takes a look at the history of whitewashing.

Just a little stitious

Episode #4 “Just a little stitious”


We all have little quirks, and routines to which we attribute good or bad fortune. Even if you don’t believe in superstitions, you most likely can’t resist knocking on wood if someone tells you that you will have bad luck if you don’t. Victoria and Graig discuss why we are the way we are, and have the need to control things we can’t. They also take a look at some people who go above and beyond to either dispel or bolster these beliefs.

That’s what she said

Episode #3 “That’s what she said”


There have been lots of awesome women throughout history, many of whom went unappreciated for one reason or another *cough* men *cough.*┬áIn honor of International Women’s Day, Victoria and Graig take a look back at some ladies whose contribution to history was anything but trivial in this episode of “Short but Pointless.”


That’s the way it’s always been

Episode #2 “That’s the way it’s always been”


Victoria and Graig take a look at some things we love and hang on to, for no reason other than tradition. Most of the time we don’t even know why these things mean so much to us, but we will find out why they shouldn’t. Victoria puts Pluto on blast on this week’s episode of “Short but Pointless.”

The grass is always greener

Episode #1 “The grass is always greener”


On this first episode Victoria and Graig take a trivial look at the saying “The grass is always greener on the other side.” They chose to tackle this saying from the trivial angles of Science, Geography, Entertainment, and History. As far as useless information goes, we think you will find the information in this first episode interesting, and enlightenting.